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Thinking Slow

If you’re going through a transition in your life chances are your money is in transition as well. This short book is designed to help you navigate life transitions when wisdom can be hard to come by. Download here.

The Discovery Meeting

Ryan O’Donnell explains wealth management and our second opinion service. Call (530) 564-0960 | Email Us


The Obvious Solution

Are you one of the 78% of people not satisfied with your financial advisor but don’t know why? The Obvious Solution walks you through why that is and explains our process of delivering Wealth Management. Download here.



The Investment Answer

The O’Donnell Group considered by Forbes as a “Leading Financial Pro” were interviewed about their feelings toward the markets and the financial industry in general by relating that to a book that was influential in their beliefs. Read here.


Delaying RMD’s for a
Business-Owning Client

The O’Donnell Group is interviewed by the Wall Street Journal about their Wealth Planning techniques which have been used to save client’s $100’s of thousands of dollars. Read here.